“Doctor, Crack my case?” is the clinical competition of the VI In4Med, where you and your team can test and improve your medical knowledge.

In this competition, you will try to answer some multiple-choice questions related to clinical cases from eight different medical specialties. What are you waiting for? Just choose two of your most competitive friends and try your luck! “Doctor, Crack my Case?” is back, you can’t miss it!


After the "Doctor, Crack my case – warm up", the real challenge is here!
To test your medical knowledge, we bring you 8 clinical cases. But fear not, you’ll have two friends by your side!
Gather a group of three, name your team!

The registration will open at 9:00 pm on 5th February.


Four clinical cases on In4Med's facebook page, one every wednesday.

The last case was launched and the Top 3 of the Warm Up was already revealed.


1st - 50% discount on the Gala Dinner

2nd - Free Sunset Ticket

3rd - Free ticket to Coimbra Stand Up Paddle