The Workshops' Seriation will happen on 1st February at 9 pm (21 GMT). The participants will receive an email explaining how to select the workshops. Don't miss it in order to be the first to choose which workshops you want to attend.


See below the workshops the VI In4Med has to offer you!

  • The Psychiatric Patient (Role-playing)


Do you know the different psychiatric pathologies? And do you know how to deal with a psychiatric patient? Are you interested in knowing? If so, this is the right workshop for you.

(2h)  (medical students only)

  • Neurons also get sick


Do you know how to diagnose Huntington's disease? Have you ever seen how patients with Multiple Sclerosis perform under neurological examination? If you want to know more, you can't miss this workshop!

(advisable for clinical years) (2h)  (medical students only)

  • Help me, Doctor! My skin is burning!

Management of the burn patient

Imagine that you're camping out with your friends and one of them gets burnt in a fire pit. Do you know what to do? In this workshop, you’ll learn what the first approach can be. In the end, you’ll be able to distinguish different types of burns and how to treat them.

(2h)  (medical students only)

  • Doctor Bones is coming!

Forensic anthropology

If your favourite TV series is "Bones" and if you would like to increase your knowledge about forensic anthropology, this is the right workshop for you. You will be able to learn many things, such as how to identify a person's sex and age through their remains. Come and show us the Dr.Bones inside of you.

(2h) (white coat required)

  • Your body can talk!

Non-verbal communication

Would you like to know how Trump won? Would you like to know how Putin plans his speeches? In this workshop, you'll learn how your body can talk. It can be a useful tool in your medical career, since you'll be able to identify what your patients can't express through words.


  • Let's start medicine?

Basic clinical training

To start our medical life/career we need more than theory. There are basic skills we must master. So, this is what this workshop will give to you: the ability to perform Arterial Blood Gas Sampling or even Venipuncure and many other procedures that will be essential in your future as a physician.

(advisable for 3rd years) (2h)  (medical students only)

  • Unveiling the truth

Myths in medicine

Every day we are faced with many data that leave(s) us wondering to what extent they are really valid. All of us are familiar with “popular pieces of advice”, some of them passed down by our grandparents, which are just myths. So, who wants to join the journey to discover if these are myths or facts?

(advisable for 1st and 2nd years) (2h)

  • Fractures: how solve this problem?


Bone fractures are a very common type of condition nowadays. Therefore it is very essential to know how to manipulate materials in order to immobilize them. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. When should I use casts or splints? In which situations? You don’t know? Don’t worry, take this workshop to learn and train it. You will be a master!

(advisable for clinical years) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Sew up those vessels!

Vascular surgery

Sutures are one of the most important skills in surgery If you like vessels and sutures this is for you. This workshop will teach you basic skills to improve your technique.

(advisable for clinical years) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Labour simulation


In this workshop the algorithm of a childbirth in emergency situations and basic life support in pregnant women will be taught.

(advisable for clinical years) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Sex is no longer the problem


Sex is the taboo of our society. With this workshop you will gather/acquire the skills needed to help patients with a problem that disrupts their lives. You will learn a little about Medical Sexology and how to approach different themes in this area.

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Suicide Intervention

Management of suicidal ideation

Most of us fear the thought of dealing with a suicidal patient. What to say? How to say it? Will we help or will we make it even worse? This workshop will teach you how to talk and act with these patients.

(2h) (medical students only)

  • BodyInteract - Virtual Doctors

Simulation medicine

If you want to be tested and solve clinical emergencies, this is your chance. BodyInteract is an interactive table that presents you with simulated emergencies. Save the patient! If you don't, next time you won't fail!

(advisable for 3rd years) (2h)

  • Is the pain real?


Fibromyalgia - is this even a physical disease? Is it all just in the mind of the patient? What is Fibromyalgia? In this workshop you will get to know everything about it.

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Invasive? Minimally!


Is your dream to become a surgeon? You are now one step closer - sign up for this workshop and master the skill of laparoscopy and minor surgery!

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Sprains & strains: Be a master!

Physical and rehabilitation medicine

Lesions, lesions, lesions everywhere .. do you know what to do in this situation? Take this workshop to learn and train it.

(4h) (medical students only)

  • Unbroken Hearted


If you want to have the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the electrocardiogram (ECG) and its interpretation, the skills and care provided to all patients, even in case of accident and emergency, this is the workshop for you.

(advisable for 2nd year forth) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Through the eyes of a child


We all know that talking to children is not easy... until now! Learn how to become more popular than Dr. McStuffins!

(2h) (medical students only)

  • 3,2,1...Action!

Communicating in public

In this workshop you will learn how to give better presentations, how to overcome your fears and conquer your public. Talking in public will no longer be your worst nightmare! Are you ready to get into action?


  • Quiz up!

Clinical reasoning

If your favourite TV show is "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and if you would like to put your medical knowledge into practice, this is the perfect workshop for you! Come and show us what you're capable of, and in the end, you'll see that this will have been your funniest class!

(advisable for clinical years) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Management of the difficult airway


This will be a hands-on workshop where you'll be able to practice how to intubate in models and understand the importance of monitoring in anesthesia.

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Nerves of steel


In this hands-on workshop you will be able to try some of the neurosurgery techniques. Are you ready to work in a "teeny-tiny" dimension?

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Seeing through the heart


If you want to understand and see the route of the blood inside the heart, this is the perfect workshop for you! There will be some clinical cases and then a hands-on part where you'll be able to practice the technique.

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Saving Brains

Management of cerebrovascular accidents

Did you know that strokes are the leading cause of incapacity? Learn, through practice, the basic principles of dealing with the different types of strokes.

(advisable for 3rd years forth) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Paediatric E.R.

Paediatric emergencies

A practical 4 hour long workshop where you will learn about basic care in Pediatric Emergency. Ready to deal with small children with huge problems?

(advisable for clinical years) (4h) (medical students only)

  • Inside the Eye


Are we taking good care of our eyes? What should we do to preserve their integrity? Learn how to fix and protect your eyes!

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Saving Lives 101

Emergency medicine

In this workshop you will learn about all the procedures beginning at the scene of the accident and throughout the ER. You'll learn about intensive medicine and first aid measures.


  • Pain Treatment in the E.R.

Therapeutic approach to pain management   

All you need to know about acute pain treatment. Learn the pharmacological basis and apply it in several cases that will be discussed throughout this workshop. A knowledge worth having!

(advisable for 3rd years forth) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Staying Alive


Have you always wanted to know how to make a heart beat in a regular rhythm again? Is your biggest wish yelling "CLEAR" in an emergency room? Through this workshop you will learn how to act in these emergency scenarios and how to keep your patients alive!

(advisable for 5th and 6th years) (2h) (medical students only)

  • Thread and needle

General surgery

Sutures - let the surgery begin! Sutures are one of the most importante skills in surgery. If you feel your future is to become a surgeon or you want to improve your skills, this is the right workshop for you. Try out the more basic and advanced techniques!

(2h) (medical students only)

  • Thoracic and abdominal semiotics, breast and rectal examination

Medical semiotics

A hands-on workshop for recognition and comprehension of clinical signs and their “normal” counterparts.

(advisable for 3rd years) (2h) (stethoscope required) (medical students only)
  • Surviving MedSchool

Afraid that university is gonna kill you? Do you feel like once you sit down and start studying, your back is begging for you to stop? In this workshop you will learn physiotherapy techniques to improve your posture.